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Technosoft 2015 is a software competition organized under the Higher National Diploma in Information Technology (HNDIT) program in SLIATE. This is conducted by the Department of Information Technology of one ATI annually. This is one of the best opportunities to improve software engineering knowledge of the students.

The last three competitions were organized by the ATIs of Kandy, Kegalle and Galle respectively. In 2015, ATI Kurunegala expects to launch the Technosoft competition as the season ‘four’. In the first season this competition introduced cutting edge technology. The former Technosoft competition continued with new categories such as Robotics, Enterprise and cooperate level application and mobile application in 2014. In addition, we plan to promote 3D/2D animations with short film category to improve the students’ creative skills in the forthcoming Technosoft competition.

In the proposed program students are provided with the opportunity to develop soft skills like team work, leadership and are motivated to face challenges in software projects. We expect to give more opportunities to school students near the suburb of Kurunegala to promote their technological solutions. The main objective of the competition is to cater to the requirements in the current society.

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